All About Armbands and Tickets

During Fair Week, we get lots of questions about armbands and tickets! Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

What is an armband? An armband is your all-access pass for as much fun as your tummy can handle! It allows you to ride unlimited rides on the day of purchase.

Do you have armbands every day? Yep, every single day.

How much is an armband? $20 – except Saturday 1-5pm when we have our armband special for $15

Can I buy my armband online or in advance? Sorry, armbands can only be purchased at a fair ticket booth during fair hours.

My child is less than 6. Do they need an armband? YES! Every rider needs a wristband or tickets.

What do the armbands work on? All rides at the Kiwanis Henry County Fair. It is not accepted for games or food.

Can we share wristbands? Um, no.

What if I don’t ride so many rides? We still have individual tickets!

Are the wristbands good every day, or just one day? Any one day. If you come out and ride more than one day, you’ll need more than one wristband.

Can my kids share a wristband? Still no.

Do the wristbands include admission? No, gate admission is required for all attendees. BUT all of the gate proceeds benefit the Kiwanis Club of Henry County, and we give this money to non-profits in the community.

Can I still buy tickets? Yes!

How many tickets does each ride take? Most rides are 2-4 tickets, so that equals roughly $2-4. The rides and the corresponding prices are determined by our amusement company, and we are not provided a list prior to the Fair.

I have a toddler/pre-schooler that may not ride many rides. Do I still have to buy tickets or an armband? Yes, regardless of age, they need tickets or an armband to ride a ride. If you’re unsure if they’ll ride the rides, take a walk down the midway and scope it out before purchasing your tickets.

Are tickets refundable? What if I don’t use them all? No, they are not refundable. But you can make someone’s day by gifting them to another family on your way out 🙂

How much is gate admission? Do you offer senior discounts? Admission is $5 for all guests 6 and over. Children under 6 are free. Yes, you still have to buy ride tickets or an armband. Yes, all of the money is donated to non-profits in our community.

Do I still have to pay admission if I’m just running in to buy a funnel cake/candy apple/cotton candy/deep friend Oreo? Yes. We don’t have enough staff to monitor our food-only patrons to make sure they don’t sneak away for a trip down the big slide or a ride on the carousel. I know, you’re just going to the concessions.

I’m dropping my teen off with his friends. How much money will he need? $5 admission (except Tuesday’s Student Night) + $20 armband (best value for kids who will ride 5+ rides) = $25. Then some spending money for food and games. If he’s like my teenager, he’ll require a lot of food… or make him eat before he comes.



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