Date Night at the Kiwanis Henry County Fair

Photo credit: Ryan Burkett
Photo credit: Ryan Burkett

Written by guest/student blogger Ryan Burkett

I would say that the Henry County Fair is, a great place to take a date.  That’s exactly what I did Saturday night and I can safely say that we both had an absolute blast!  One thing, I thought was cool were all the mini-games.   You could play them and if you win your date could take home a cool prize.  My date really enjoyed the entertainment such as the dancers that preformed.  Our favorite thing to do at the fair was to ride all the fun rides.

As I mentioned our favorite thing was the rides, our favorite ride was called 100 Natchs.  It spun us so high in the air everyone looked like tiny little ants.  It was so fun that we couldn’t help but ride it again and again.  In conclusion, Kiwanis put on an amazing fair and not to mention a pretty cool place for a fun date.

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