The 4 Reasons why Nan wants you at the fair this year

Growing up in Henry County, the fair has always been a huge part of my fall.  I was very involved in the 4-H Club and we had booths and I entered crafts and produce (which you can still do).  This was when the fair was located close to the square behind the American Legion.  When I graduated from High School and moved away for several years, I always missed the fair because it was a part of my fall.  I moved back to Henry County in 1995 with my husband and son and one of the first things we did was to take him to the Henry County Fair which had now moved to Windy Hill.  It was great to see the smile on his face as he rode the rides, looked at the animals and had a great time.  The Fair, once again, became a part of my Fall!

In 2008, when I joined Kiwanis, I was so excited to be more involved with the fair.  It was a great atmosphere last year, being the first year at Heritage Park. I am so excited that we are hopefully making this our “Fair Home”.  Some people think I am crazy, but my favorite part is working the ticket booth.  I love seeing friends, old and new, and seeing people I grew up with now bringing their children and grandchildren.  The Fair is definitely here for making memories.

Won’t you bring your friends and family to the Fair this  year and make some?

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