Nick on the fair

As a member of Kiwanis Club of Henry County, I enjoy giving back and interacting with the people who come out to the fair every year. Working the gates and seeing all the faces of Henry County gives me a sense of pride, knowing that I am helping to bring in the Kiwanis Henry County Fair every season. As a member of the Gate Committee, I get to be one of the first faces guests see as they enter. The look of excitement on their faces is what makes me look forward to being involved with the fair each year!

Being a part of Kiwanis is not only lunch on Tuesdays – it’s a sense of community and friendship with all of my fellow Kiwanians. Our members are involved in numerous programs and organizations throughout the county. Every week we’re able, in some small way, to give back to a county that is very special to all of our members.

Download our Sponsor Flyer 2015 and learn more about how you can be a part of this year’s Fair.

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